Effortless Investing
for Busy Professionals

As a high-income professional, you’re no stranger to the heavy tax burden that comes with your success. Capital gains events and substantial W2 income can make it challenging to retain and grow your wealth. By exploring alternative real estate asset classes such as short-term rentals and oil and gas projects, you can not only diversify your portfolio but also benefit from tax-efficient strategies that work in your favor. Our carefully selected investment opportunities offer the potential for attractive returns, ensuring you can secure your financial future while living life to the fullest.

The Traditional Approach

  • Work hard to build a thriving career
  • Experience substantial capital gains events
  • Struggle with the burden of heavy taxes
  • Seek smarter ways to invest and grow wealth
  • Desire financial freedom without the hassle

The Diversified Approach

  • Unlock the key to tax-efficient investing
  • Effortlessly diversify your portfolio with high-performing assets
  • Generate consistent cash flow through alternative investments
  • Reap the rewards of strategic ventures in real assets
  • Live life to the fullest, empowered by your financial success
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Behind The Numbers


Oil and Gas Wells


Bitcoin Miners


Multifamily Units

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Asset Class

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We Believe In Building High Value

Co-founded by Courtney Moeller, a US Navy veteran and best-selling author, and Jherie Ducombs, a Cardiologist, Diversified Investment Partners offers unique investment opportunities in real estate, oil and gas, short-term rentals, international real estate, and bitcoin mining. Our goal? To help busy professionals like you keep more of your hard-earned money. We focus on smart, tax-efficient investments that boost your cash flow and offset taxes, paving the way for financial freedom and lasting wealth. With our proven track record, we’re excited to help you enjoy life more while building a strong financial legacy. Our core mission is to assist our clients in retaining a larger portion of their hard-earned income by employing tax-efficient strategies that effectively counterbalance ordinary income and capital gains. This approach not only fosters financial freedom but also paves the way for long-term wealth accumulation.

Investing In
Oil and Gas

The “Investing in Oil and Gas” report is an invaluable resource for high-income professionals looking to enrich their portfolios and benefit from substantial tax deductions. It provides a compelling economic outlook for the oil and gas sector, details on unique investment benefits such as diversification and inflation hedging, and a deep dive into significant tax advantages like Intangible Drilling Costs Deduction. By downloading this report, investors can strategize to offset W2 earnings, grow wealth through potential high returns, and understand the long-term growth prospects of the oil and gas industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how oil and gas investments can fortify your financial future.

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How To Get Started


Join our community and gain access to handpicked passive alternative investment opportunities


Watch your wealth grow as your investments yield consistent returns, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of alternative investments without the hassle of active management.


Invest in our carefully selected alternative investment projects, designed to provide steady cash flow and diversify your investment portfolio.

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Ladies Kickin Assets

We want to EMPOWER you to take control of YOUR financial futures!! We want to educate and get educated about the different asset classes and how you can create passive income, create generational wealth and take advantage of investments with excellent tax benefits. Ladies, there are better ways to invest! Come join us and let’s change our lives together!

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